Jero Tya

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Jero Tya in Uluwatu, Bali July, 2022


Services provided by Jero Tya

Private Healing session:

    Aura cleansing + aura healing

    Chakra cleansing + chakra healing

    Energy cleansing

    Remove blockages

    Trauma healing

    Soul healing

    Chakra cleansing ceremony

    Spirit healing

    Energy reading

    Spirit blessing


Psychic reading:

    Soul channeling

    Spirit channeling

    Channeling energy from outside the universe

    Birth chart reading

    Karma reading

    Relationship reading

    Career/financial reading

    Ancestor channeling


    Channeling the spirit of family who passed away

Dream deciphering:


    Channeling with your soul

    Soul reading

    Explain meaning of dreams

Chakra opening session:


    Energy cleansing

    Remove blockages

    Aura purification

    Chakra purification

    Opening chakras

    Chakra blessing ceremony

    Chakra healing

    Chakra balancing

    Chakra activation


Open aura:

    Remove blockages

    Aura cleansing

    Aura healing

    Aura opening

    increase vibration

    Aura blessing

    Ceremony for aura

Kundalini activation:

    Body healing

    Energy cleansing

    Remove blockages

    Activate inner power

    Cleansing your energy channels

    Balance chakras

    Activate Uddiyana bandha -stomach-

    Activate Kundalini

    Crown chakra activation

    Connect the energy of earth & universe as a power source

Baby ceremony:

    Energy healing ceremony

    Baby blessing


    Holy water

    Karma blessing

    Birth chart purification

    Connect baby with blessing energy from Goddess

    Bless baby's future


    Big display of prayer offerings

Private herbal treatment:

    Skin treatment with herbs that Jero Tya picks from her land.

    Brighten skin


    The herbs cleanse your energy and aura

    Your body receives a powerful blessing from the herbs


    Skin feels alive and radiant

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