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Jero Tya in Uluwatu, Bali July, 2022

Psychic reading (2 hours)

Let Jero Mangku Tya use her sixth sense to provide valuable information

What is included in a session with Jero Tya? It is not merely a psychic reading. A session also includes energy healing, prayers, blessing, meditation, negative energy release, and a thorough consultation.

Book a psychic reading to get insight on specific parts of your life that need attention. Jero Tya connects with your ancestors and relives past lives, childhood, and present to receive important messages about personal life, family, relationship, and career. Ask her anything you want and she will connect with spirit to provide you with the best answers.

The session starts with an aura cleansing to prepare you for an accurate reading. One of the main functions of the psychic reading is to get to the very center of your soul and touch your spirit.

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Jero Tya's altar

Break through obstacles

Request a prayer

Jero Tya can perform a prayer ritual in your honor. The prayer can be for family, friends, for you, for abundance, health, or anything else you wish.

Her prayers are powerful and can help you break through any obstacle you're facing.

treating patients

Health treatments

We can help with any illness

We treat cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, weight loss, and can greatly improve mental wellness. This is done through diet, natural medicine, energy healing, yoga, and pranayama.

Message for details. +628872617164

Kitty sitting under the moonlight.

Chakra cleansing ceremony

An unforgettable experience

Jero Mangku Tya has been guiding chakra cleansing energy purification ceremonies for years. A heart-warming experience with an energy that is felt deep in the soul. Message Nevin at the number below to book a space at the next ceremony.

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+62 887-3617-164

Jero Tya performing melukat at Zest Ubud. Jero Tya performing melukat at Zest Ubud. Jero Tya performing melukat at Zest Ubud.


Water blessing for individuals or groups

Jero Tya's ancestral line has a deep connection with the power of water Goddess Gangga Dewi. She had the experience of sitting in the temple on a sunny day and the rain only falling on her auro 2 meters wide, the water was in bucket sized drops. Supernatural. Her family line has been doing water rituals that can be traced back hundreds of years. She can call on the power of the water Goddess and it will really come down from the heavens to bless you. Jero Tya offers private and group water ceremony purification and rituals. She can bring the ceremony to you in your room where you're staying or the ceremony can be performed in a temple. The benefit of this purification is karma cleansing, manifestation, mental lightness, stress reduction, nervous system restoration, and clearing your path for the future.

Balinese priestess

Spiritual Counseling

Tya has been doing spiritual counseling for years. A private consultation includes talking about what is troubling you and about your goals and where you want to be physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. We do a prayer to release negative energy and anything that's blocking you. Then we have a conversation and you have the opportunity to ask any questions you want. It's highly recommended to take notes.

A separate energy healing session is recommended if you have been going through an exceptionally difficult time in your life.

Jero Tya gives a list of recommendations and daily spiritual practice to raise yourself out of the darkness and towards the light.


Her story...

It feels like an error that Jero Tya was born into this generation. Her spirit is from another time long ago.

Tya is a native Balinese woman from a lineage of priests and healers originating from Mt Agung. Her dad is a Balian healer and taught her about Balinese culture in great detail. Her grandfather was a forest ranger in Mt Agung and taught her how to write Balinese characters and speak the polite Balinese language. Tya has been blessed with the ability to guide the spirits of the dead to the light. She does so via her direct connection and communication with the gods and her ancestors. She also has the power to fight off dark energy.

As a child, Tya had many spiritual experiences and was already doing rituals using her intuition. Her dad brought her to the Shiva temple every full moon and new moon where she absorbed high frequency energy.

When Tya got a little older, she was faced with increasingly difficult trials. She couldn't walk for months and nobody could help. She was in a lot of pain. Her family asked help from many healers to no avail.

Years later Tya's biggest trial presented itself. Her older brother passed away. and she had to protect her parents while they were emotionally falling apart. In this time, the evil energies started getting closer. Tya got a sign in a dream. Shiva and Parvati were calling her to the temple to give her a sword. She went to the temple and was immediately consumed by a powerful surge of energy.

On this same day there was a large ceremony at Tya's house in her family temple. 50 years of dark energy had reached it's peak intensity when Tya confronted it during this ceremony.

In the ceremony, there was an evil woman with dark energy in the temple. Everyone in Tya's village was afraid of this woman. The woman was sitting right next to Tya. Tya went to touch a prayer offering and the woman snapped at her, "Don't touch that!" As the words left the woman's mouth, Tya felt ten thousand watts of electricity flood her body as she began began channeling the god Parvati. She began speaking ancient Balinese languange at the top of her voice to battle the old woman's evil spirits.

She forced the woman to apologize for all the terrible things she had done in her life (poisoning and killing people in her community). This went on for nearly three hours and people from the next village over came to watch. There were so many people watching that they were standing on top of the wall to get a better look at what was happening.

Many people tried to record video but the screen on their phones went black. No video was captured.

After this, many people came to interview Tya and she started to become famous as a healer. Many Balinese people came to her for counseling and energy healing sessions. But her trials had not finished yet. The family of the evil woman Tya defeated were enraged. They already killed her brother over a land inheritance and Tya had to hideout for a few months with her extended family in the forest of Mt Agung. Tya heightened her spiritual practice yet again and the situation got better.

Finally, Tya came back home. Around that same time, her community needed a new priest for their temple as the old priest had died. Everyone agreed to visit a wise woman in another village to ask who the next priest will be. When they arrived the wise woman already knew why they came. Somebody spoke up and said, "We need to know. Who will be our next priest?" The wise woman responded, "Your priest is already here. She is a woman and you need to accept that she is a woman. Don't ask again. Don't look in another place. Just make a blessing for her to become a priest in your temple."

In that time Tya lost herself and started ringing an imaginary priest bell.

When Tya came to she was shocked and knew deep inside her soul how heavy a responsibility it is to become a priest. What more, it was unheard of for a woman to be chosen as a priest and she would have to deal with backlash from the men. She was still young, not married yet, and thinking about her future. Becoming a hindu priest is not a hobby but rather a lifelong commitment to serve the community. Tya began to cry under the seriousness of the situation and didn't leave her house for days. Soon after, the community held another meeting and Tya accepted the responsibility to become their priest under the condition that she was allowed to marry and have children.

And so it was.

The special thing about Tya is that she is the only woman to become a real priest in Bali chosen by god and her community. She also received certification as a priest from the council of hindu dharma in Bali to make it legal for her to run ceremonies. Normally only men are chosen to become priests in Bali, making it very unusual and special for a woman to be chosen. God has borrowed Tya's body many times to transfer knowledge of mantra and instructions in the temple. She also received a divine signal eplaining how to treat people with healing energy.

Tya has a unique ritual to attract healing energy and has healed many Balinese people. She noticed that people's problems all had something in common, negativity was controlling their lives. She was the only person in her village strong enough to battle these negative energies to the end, often taking hours or even days.

Now her life is devoted to preservation of her culture and protecting nature in her village.

Ricefield that Jero Tya purchased to protect from development.

My purpose


The main reason I'm in the public eye is to protect the nature in my village.

I've been working hard to raise money to buy a very important piece of land on the holy road to Besakih temple (the mother temple in Bali). It's iconic as the last lookout point over the sea before heading to the temple. This is very important to me to keep it pure as a blessing nature for every Balinese person to receive healing on the way to Besakih temple.

At the end of 2022 I've raised $65,000 of the $100,000 needed to adopt this land and take care of it forever.

I reached the limit for the amount of time and energy I can physically use to raise money by working. Any extra help is very much appreciated. 🙏

Donations can be made to:
Bank Central Asia
Name: Ni Komang Marantiawati
Account no: 1350424446
Address: Jl Raya Ubud
City: Ubud
State: Bali
Country: Indonesia
Post Code: 80571

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